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Keyboard Shortcuts

Rather, everyone will agree with me that using cursor keys to move to arbitrary positions in a document is silly. But using shortcuts features give you a huge productivity boost. We all like to be efficient. That’s why today’s post will be about keyboard shortcuts. 

.NET Developers are divided into two groups. Some use Visual Studio shortcuts and others ReSharper shortcuts. Below I have listed the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts for Visual Studio users as well as for those who use the ReSharper plugin.

Try to focus on using keys more, for a month or so. You may find it hard going to start with, but your productivity will greatly benefit if you stick at it. But sticking at it is the key.

Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts

I chose the shortcuts, which I use in the VS. I had difficulties to segregate, so the order of the points is accidental.
1.  Autocomplete using IntelliSence  Ctrl + Space

2.  Auto-(Re)Format  Ctrl + K , Ctrl + D

3.  Go to function definition/variable definition (Navigate)  F12

4.  Snippets TAB + TAB

5Start debugging  F5

6.  Stop debugging  Shift + F5

7.  Build project  Ctrl + Shift + B

8.  Comment a block  Ctrl + K ,  Ctrl + C

9.  Uncomment the block  Ctrl + K ,  Ctrl + U

10. Delete Line  Shift + Del

All available shortcuts can be seen in the VS documentation.

Default keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio

Default keyboard shortcuts for frequently used commands in Visual Studio

Customize keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio


ReSharper provides two default keyboard shortcuts schemes.

  • Visual Studio
  • ReSharper (IntelliJ)

Whatever scheme you choose, you can always change individual keyboard shortcuts.  If you want to change default keyboard shortcut schemes, use this link

Here’s my list of ReSharper shortcuts that I’ve found to be worth it remembers:

1. Show Action List  Alt + Enter

2. Navigate to Class  Citrl + T

3. Rename  Citrl + RR

4. Refactor This  Citrl + Enter + R

5. Extend Selection  Citrl + Shift  + W

6. Go to File  Citrl + Shift + T

7. Comment a block  Ctrl + K ,  Ctrl + C

8. Make Public/ Private  Alt + Enter

9. Next Method  Alt + Up  /  Previous method  Alt + Down

10. Delete Line  Shift + Del

If you want more shortcuts,  explore the Keyboard Shortcuts page in the official ReSharper documentation.

Default keyboard shortcuts used commands in ReSharper.

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